Attention Small Businesses! Boost Your eCommerce Mastery With This Online Consultancy Course


Marketing in a Digital World

Let’s face it: a business needs to have a strong online presence and digital marketing strategy, if its leaders want to stay ahead of competitors. If you are like most eCommerce entrepreneurs we meet, then you will want to know which eCommerce trends are emerging, how they will affect your business and what you should do about it.

Not every eCommerce entrepreneur feels confident in their ability to keep up with industry giants, such as Amazon and Ebay. Ask yourself this: as new digital developments are introduced as a fast pace, do you doubt that your eCommerce site is good enough, to keep up to date with competition?

Hey, if you are worried that your eCommerce site will thrive in a crowded industry, it might be a comfort to know that you are not alone. There are so many eCommerce entrepreneurs struggling to implement a clear, digital strategy that will not only attract new customers but also retain existing recognition.

Facing Troublesome Technology

The trouble is: your job used to be easy. If you were an eCommerce entrepreneur 10 years ago, you were one of a kind. Digital strategy was easy, your customers had dial up time to contend with and were used to wafting for Internet purchases! But with over 100,000 eCommerce websites operating on a daily basis, making your small online business stand out has become a tricky art to master.

Want The Potential to Disrupt the Market?

It doesn’t have to be like we’ve mentioned above! Running a small eCommerce business puts you at a great vantage point and we’re here to help. More and more consumers want to buy from sites with personality that will care about their individual clients, just like you and your business.

As a small, online business, you are not weighed down. Unlike industry giants, you can develop quick reactions.

You are nimble and agile.

You are able to shake up the market. With the right know how, you can put into practice what it takes to be an ecommerce master!

Boost Your eCommerce Mastery

OK: you can always hire a digital marketing firm to handle a large chunk of your online strategy. But it is a better idea to have a full understanding of eCommerce trends, as well as digital marketing. This is especially important if you want to regain control of your eCommerce business and implement a long-lasting digital strategy.

I want to help you grow and transform your eCommerce business and thrive online as I teach eCommerce Mastery 2017.

eCommerce Mastery is an online course that will teach you a proven eCommerce system, and I have used in both my own business and clients businesses with great success.

Along with discussing digital trends, online marketing and website design in great, helpful detail, here’s what you will learn when you enrol for my 2017 Mastery course:

  • Strategy: many eCommerce entrepreneurs struggle to come up with the best strategy for their website. As a result, eCommerce entrepreneurs suffer what is known as “analysis paralysis” in which they have over-analysed eCommerce ideas to death, but have not taken any action. Mastery course will show you how to find your best strategy and how to make it work for your eCommerce business

  • Build: Your eCommerce website is critical to the success of your business so you will learn how to build and maintain a successful website, with the help of our web development expert, Mark Jackson

  • Attract: you will learn the answer to one commonly asked eCommerce question “how do I get more people to visit my eCommerce website?” Find out how to do digital marketing well with the help of Brendon MacDonald who co-founded a brilliant digital marketing company Yello Vee Dub.

  • Engage: you will learn how to engage visitors to your eCommerce store, earning repeat customers and a devoted, loyal following.

  • Enable: eCommerce is more than putting something online and hoping it sells. You will learn how to deliver exceptional customer experience throughout your business with examples and recommendations.

Get a Fast, Actionable eCommerce Strategy

Give your business a plan of action by completing 2017’s online Mastery course. Grow your eCommmerce site, by developing your knowledge of the industry. You will have a clear vision and strategy that you can easily implement for your business.

Regain Control of Your eCommerce Site

No longer will you have to rely on your graphic designer to tell you about the latest eCommerce trends. No longer will you feel overwhelmed and out of control when it comes to your website. You’ll finally be able to keep up or make headway against your competitors.