Story-telling and your website: building your brand in four easy steps

There is nothing better than a really good story! As is happens storytelling is an excellent way to build your brand. In this post I take you through four easy steps to incorporating storytelling into your website and explain a bit about why this is so important.

1: The ‘About Us’ page. Telling your story

Did you know, that next to your homepage, the most visited page on your website will be the “About Us” page? Your customers want to know who you are, what you are about and whether or not they can trust and connect with you as a company. Sure, they may not have articulated it that clearly in their head, but that is what its all about . Your “About Us” page gives that information. This is where you get to tell your story. It is important that you tell it well. It needs to be engaging and reflect your brand values. Brands like Innocent Smoothies, Toms and Charity Water have all been built on a well told story.

Story telling and your website

2: Starting questions

Your customers have 4 questions in their minds when it comes to your story:

  • What is the story about?
  • Is anything happening?
  • Why should I keep reading?
  • Why should I care?

These are great questions to ask yourself and your team when writing this page.

3: Authenticity

Clearly you can’t just make stuff up, however, you need to make sure that your ‘story’ is actually a proper story! Every story has four basic principles. They are:

  • You need characters, a main character – your hero, a villain and maybe a mentor + others
  • What’s the cause? What’s the quest our lead character, our hero, is on? The cause is the driving force of the story, it is what compels the hero to keep moving
  • There is always a challenge to overcome
  • The climax, end the story well, i.e. end the experience well. When it comes to the buying experience for your customer, end well (which often means the parcel in their hands)

4: Structure

Once you have the four main principles of telling your story well, you need a structure.  Structure is about assembling those parts of your story. One of the oldest, simplest story structures is the three-act structure: Act  I, Act II and Act III. The beginning, middle and end.

  • Act I
    This is about the ‘who’ of your story. It is the entry point for the hero. You should try and connect your customer with your hero as quickly as possible.
  • Act II
    This is all about the challenges that our hero must face, a series of battles between the hero and the bad guy (the opposition).
  • Act III
    This is the resolution, the climax of the story. The end has to tie up all the loose ends of the story and give a feeling of resonance to your reader.

You may be thinking, how does this relate to me and my business? I challenge you to check out the ‘our story’ section on any of the websites I mention at the top of this blog and decide whether your site could benefit from a rehashing of the about us/our story section. At Jersey beauty Company we spent a considerable amount of time honing and perfecting this page.

As customers get to know you and your brand, you gain trust and that is one of the foundations to growing your business.