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Grab a coffee (or green tea!) and skim through my roundup of e-commerce news and insights from the summer months. Go!

Worth noting…
Google restructures into new holding company called Alphabet

Got big aspirations for your business? Be inspired by these ‘unicorns’

In other news…
Study: Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites Disappearing From Top Google Results

10 SEO Tools to Analyse Your Website Like Google Does

How Consumers Use Tech to Shop at Home and in Stores

10 Brands That Got Millennial Marketing Right | SEJ

INFOGRAPHIC: Selling Products Online? How to Build a Perfect Checkout Page

Negative feedback can happen to anyone. How you respond should be based on your business core values. How would you have handled the bad press that Jessica Alba’s ‘Honest’ brand sunscreen recently received? Read more here.

The numbers
is the amount of posts that had 2 or less Facebook interactions (shares, likes or comments) in a recent survey of 100,000 randomly selected posts. This suggests there is a lot of very poor content out there and also that people are very poor at amplifying their content. Read the full survey results here

Recommended reading
Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih