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We have been loving the weather here! We recommend you have a little break, get yourself a smoothie or ice based drink and have a read through the latest news and insights from the e-commerce sector. There has been lots going on…

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Why have Google forked out £400 million on a little known London startup called DeepMind? Although Google purchased DeepMind back in 2014, there has been no evidence that DeepMind have done anything to make or save Google any money. That all changed on Wednesday when Google announced they had found a use for DeepMind’s artificial intelligence. Read the full article here.

The numbers

$3 billion
Is the amount Apple are set to make in revenue from Pokémon Go’s users. Apple stands to rake in $3bn from the Pokémon Go craze in the next one to two years as gamers buy ‘PokéCoins’ from its app store, according to analysts. Read the full story here.

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