Why create core brand values?

In my previous blog post I introduced the concept of brand culture and how that distills down into company values.

So why define your brand core values?

This is both a great question to ask and a really important one to answer. Why spend time and energy thinking about core values? Why not just get on and sell without all of this?

I’ve tried to answer that a little, but here are some key ideas that I learned from the guys over at Zappos about core brand values. Given that they built a multi- billion dollar company in a few short years around the idea of their values – then they are definitely worth listening to.

  1. ### Values create a self-managed company

The key point here is that when you hire people with similar core values to you – you bring people who already resonate with your culture – so their attitude and behaviour will already be in line with what you are a looking for in team members which ultimately drives results.
2. ### Values make the decisions

This really is critical for your long term survival as a company. Without clearly defined brand values, there is no basis on which to make solid decisions – especially with a team in place. Without them, people begin to rely on their gut feel, or even worst – a script.
3. ### Values create the right experience

The world is now a world of communication. It loves communication and great communication is based on trusting relationships. Relationships are based on core values. Rarely are we friends with people that are the extreme opposite of our values, so we hunt out people that are similar to us. The same is true with companies – we hunt out companies that we want to do business with, which gives us a great experience that we can feel proud being a part of.
4. #### Values are bigger than people, trends and vision

It goes without saying the the values of the company are bigger than anyone person in it. If I was no longer involved in Jersey or Oqibo or any of the other companies I am working with at the moment – they would still survive, because the values are good and people connect with them. The company, thankfully, isn’t built around me!

In my next blog post I will take you through how you can develop your own set of core values for your business.