Customer service: it’s about feelings

Seth Godin described what matters most in customer service brilliantly in his blog:

"The only purpose of ‘customer service’ is to change feelings. Not the facts, but the way your customer feels. The facts might be the price, or a return, or how long someone had to wait for service. Sometimes changing the facts is a shortcut to changing feelings, but not always, and changing the facts alone is not always sufficient anyway.*
The best measurement of customer support is whether, after the interaction, the customer would recommend you to a friend. Time on the line, refunds given or the facts of the case are irrelevant. The feelings are all that matter, and changing feelings takes humanity and connection, not cash." Seth Godin

Customer Service Its all about feelings

Over the years I have developed a few strategies that really help the team to be more focused on customer ‘feelings’ and how to improve customer satisfaction when things do go wrong. Here is a list of things that work for us at Jersey Beauty Company:

  1. Make art out of your positive feedback emails from customers – read them out in huddles and forward them around to the whole team on a regular basis
  2. Everyone in the team should know how to answer the phone
  3. Everyone in the team should be able to handle basic requests over the phone
  4. Everyone in the team should know who to refer to, how and when
  5. The CEO should regularly answer the phone and speak to customers
  6. Each customer interaction should be seen as a learning experience
  7. Continue to train your staff on customer service and continuously look for opportunities to improve
  8. Talk in your regular team huddles about how to approach certain scenarios in ways that are informed by the company values
  9. E-mail examples around of great customer service form other businesses
  10. Have a shared library of information that is easy for the team members to access and search

Regardless of the contact you have with a customer, be it over the phone, via e-mail, on social media or even face to face, it is really important to get it right. We always want to exceed customer expectations.