4 Business Book Recommendations from an eCommerce Entrepreneur

In this blog post I will take you through 4 books that will help your online business save big on time, money and marketing tech. If you are like any other ecommerce entrepreneur you will want to grow your business, pretty fast. But in order to do this well, you need to swat up. The 4 books recommended in this post will give you a clear path to change your eCommerce business, take it to the next level of growth… with little pain in the process.

Hit the ‘play’ button below if you want to watch and listen to me explain why I found these business books inspiring, as an eCommerce entrepreneur. (If you prefer a quick summary, keep scrolling!)

eCommerce Entrepreneurs crave business growth, right?

The world of ecommerce is a constantly evolving field. 10 years ago, you and I ran our ecommerce businesses very differently from how we do today. We have had to adapt with industry trends and the evolving needs of our customer base.

Here’s the fastest way to be an eCommerce expert

Reading, watching and listening to industry leaders help us learn and add to our knowledge and understanding of new technology, ideas and tools for working well.

'Regular learning is vital because it stops us getting stale. Keeps us up to date, keeps us thinking.'

Top 4 Book Recommendations

Want to do twice the work in half the time?

1. 'SCRUM'

‘The art of doing twice the work in half the time.’

by Jeff Sutherland
alt The title of this book is in itself enough to make any business owner reach for it straight away.
Who wouldn't want to get more work done in half the time, right?

This book is all about getting the best out of your team, and the methodologies you could use do for doing that.

Grab one popular eCommerce book for saving time

SRUM is a revolutionary approach to project management and team building that is transforming the way businesses operate. It's simply that good.

Google uses it
Amazon uses it
Even the FBI use their methodology, so it’s definitely got some credibility behind it!
It’s great for web agencies and it’s great for ecommerce business owners too..... To simply ensure a lot gets done!

So what does SCRUM involve?

SCRUM is a simple lightweight framework for a team to work with to get things done. It involves:

  • Coloured post it notes
  • Common sense
  • Quick regular daily standard meetings tracking tasks on the board

It may take a while to implement the strategies in this book, Introducing change may take time, but making it work for your individual business is sure to make you get more done!

The great thing about SCRUM, is once you’ve got your head around the basics, you can get more detailed and practical tools.

OK now it's time people were queuing for your product

2. 'OverSubscribed'

by Daniel Priestly

This book is great for thinking about customer acquisition. Although not directly related to e-commerce, the principles are adaptable. If you've not yet got more customers that you think you can handle, especially if you’re in a service based digital business; this is a book packed full of advice for getting customers, retaining customers, and getting those customers to spread the word.

“You should take at least 50% of your traditional marketing budget and transfer it to – ‘being remarkable’ budget."

Your business must begin investing more money into your products and your customer service and less money into advertising and traditional forms of marketing. Oversubscribed businesses spend money on their existing customers before they spend money on their prospective ones.
It seems counter intuitive, but if you get it right, your existing customers go out and do your marketing for you.

It also shares advice on interviewing people before they become clients, to ensure you get the best match

'We’ll say no to who ticks most of the boxes, but not all the boxes.'

Make sure you answer the right questions

3. ‘They ask you answer’

by Marcus Sheridan…

alt This book is for EVERY ecommerce business.

It explains what content marketing is, then teaches you how to do it.
It's really easy and uncomplicated.

The principle is in the title

Customer asks a question, They come to your website, They will have questions about you, your business, about your product, about your service. You answer these questions in your content.

This book shows you how to do that well.

We realised about 18 months ago, we needed to change the way we write our blogs and moved further towards content marketing, it’s been a great move for us. Our head content creator found this book super helpful, to take a step back and think what your main goal is, and to consider 'what are the customers asking?'

Remember it’s for them not you. Answer THEIR questions not the ones you think they should be asking.

This ecommerce book is the cherry on top of the cake


by John Ruhlin

'The art and science of using gifts to cut through the noise, increase referrals, and strengthen retention.'


This brilliant book will help with building your business.

'Don’t spend money on advertising until you’ve spent money on your customers.'

He budgets about 5% of his revenue to spend gifts on that client. That's quite an investment!

This book delves into how to give gifts and do it well ! It examples not just buying clients a standard hamper at Christmas. Instead, being creative and think through what it is your client will actually want. ( Simple when you put it like that!) In his book he tells stories about how they've done that.

If you want to get your head around the concept of giving gifts to clients, this book is a must read.

Then, ask yourself:
'How does this work for my e-commerce site? What gifts can we give to our clients to just keep them coming back time and time again'

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