How to Structure your eCommerce Business for Growth Driven Success

How to Structure your eCommerce Business for Growth Driven Success

I have turned over $60m in sales, but I often say the thing I’m most proud of is team.
Building a team always starts with values and culture.
You need a great team if you want to grow your ecommerce business, it’s as simple as that.
A lot of businesses are struggling to understand the organization of their ecommerce company. They are struggling to structure it well.

In this Blog I reveal the structure of my ecommerce business and tell you why I believe this clear, organisation helps my ecommerce site soar.

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So lets dive right in.

I developed a business organization strategy called

'Growth Driven Success'

This a tool to help me to define a structure for the team of people who work within my business, and to drive forward my eCommerce businesses.

Let me explain.....

‘Growth Driven Ecommerce’ Sounds good, right?

It has 5 elements –

  • Strategy
  • Build
  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Enable

Let's begin with Strategy….


When thinking about the strategy for you business, You need to ask yourself a few questions:
1. Where is my business now?
2. Where is my business going?
3. What do I want my website to look like?
4. Who’s the person who drives the business?

If you are the CEO/MD of the business, you need to lead it. Strategy happens, when you, the business owner directs your team and steers the strategy of the whole organization. Now, hear me on this - It doesn’t all have to come from you the owner, but you have to lead it. You can of course involve other people, But you’re the driving force behind the Strategy of your business.
Once you have a clear defined strategy, of where you are directing your business, then you can move on, Building your business around that Strategy.

Next up.....


This is the Technical aspect of your ecommerce business, building website, apps etc.
We have one person that drives it. We have Mark – our 'King of all things technical.' In any ecommerce business, you need someone to head it up, to have the bigger picture in mind, to drive it forward and keep up with the changes and developments in the world of tech.

Many of you will be reading this thinking, ‘hang on, we outsource to a web agency, is that ok?’
The answer is yes- If you have a good relationship with them, and they understand your business ethos. If you can’t find such an agency, then getting someone in house, in my experience, is usually better.

So you have a strategy, you have the componenets in place for the website and the technology is there, what next?


Attract encompases all things marketing/getting people to your ecommerce site.

‘A great sales and marketing person is worth their weight in gold.’

Your sales and marketing person needs to drive forward your Marketing Strategy, come up with a plan, host meetings and make sure everyone is working together within that plan, on a monthly basis, it needs to be fluid, reviewed monthly. Fixed marketing plans get stale very quickly.
Outsourcing aspects of this is inevitable, but having an anchor person to co ordinate all your marketing is, I have found, the key to success.


What do we mean by this? So I’ve said this before, and I will keep saying this time and time again; Your website has to think about two things.

1.Getting people to your website

2.Engagement - Once people are on your website, how engaged are they?

So how do you measure engagement I hear you ask! You can measure engagement like we do on the Jersey Beauty Company site.

• How many people have signed up to our newsletters?

• How big is our email list?

• Have we engaged people that aren't ready to buy?

Keep an eye on your KPIs.
On corporate sites you might look at how many visitors you've had versus how many phone calls.
What is it we want our website to do?
Then, measure how many people are doing that -That's engagement, in essence.

I've seen websites where the engagement rate is super low, for these clients I have advised them 'Before you go and spend any of that money on your marketing budget, you need to get this conversion rate sorted out.' Because I'm just gonna send you another 100,000 people, and they're not really gonna buy anything looking at your conversion rates.
Whereas if we could double your engagement rate, I'm gonna double the size of your business with the same traffic that you've got. Makes much more sense, right?

Once you have people on your site, you have to think about how to maximise their engagement. How do you convert more clients?
You need to look at personas, buyer journeys, and the way the website's laid out, button sizes, and payment providers, and how slick the checkout process.
There's a whole science to engagement, but it's worth getting it right.

'Engagment leads to conversion, and conversion is king!'

Engagement is super super important

So, we've looked at strategy, we've looked at building the technology, we've looked at attracting traffic, we've looked at engaging that traffic once they're on our website.

But there is a whole host of other things to do with an e-commerce business that we need to think about. They fall into the final category -


Enable is all the other stuff! Customer Service, Fulfillment , Operations, Health and Safety.

Fulfillment – Fullfilling the customers order, getting your product into their hands. One of the things that I've noticed with our business, and with certainly e-commerce consulting clients, is this is an area where you can massively differentiate your business from your competitors, is in the fulfillment of the order.

Until a customer has your product in their hand it’s all digital, it’s make believe, so at that point, you really have got a great ability to create a sense of "wow" with your fulfillment, in terms of not just the accuracy, but the speed of your delivery, how it's packaged, what it comes with, I mean a whole host of things. So having someone to think about that, and to make that opening experience and delivery experience really sing, is super super critical.

When you get the customer’s order into their hand – Create WOW.

Have someone in your team who focuses in on that - delivering the 'WOW' factor.
And as you're e-commerce business gets bigger, you would have a head of enablement, or head of operations, but I would also go and find someone to head up customer service.

I will leave you with this...
It's super critical to get someone to think creatively about the fulfillment. Get your packaging and parcels out with an extra WOW.

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