Thanks & welcome to the THRIVE: Assess online course

A huge welcome to the THRIVE Community and congratulations on purchasing the THRIVE: Assess online course.

This is a series of online videos that guide you through the Assess Checklist. We use this very same checklist on our own websites and with our consultancy clients. In the videos we share the key areas to examine on your site. We won’t smother you in jargon. You will come away with clear insight as to how your website is performing. Once you understand where your sites strengths and weaknesses lie, you can begin to create a plan to take your website to the next level.

Do make sure you download the workbook that comes with the online course. It is jam packed with useful templates and worksheets to help you as you go through the course.

NB – this course will be released in early May 2016. By purchasing now, you save over 50% on the regular price. We will email you when the course is live with detailed information about how to log in. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions you can email us at [email protected] – we would love to help.

Thanks again for joining the THRIVE community, and we wish you every success with your website.

Matt Edmundson

P.S. We have also sent you this information by email, for your records. Make sure you add us to your safe senders list as we don’t want to get lost in your junk mail!