Company Values: The Creme Egg story

Once we established our company values, we felt a sense of pride in the story they told about the company we wanted to create. It was important that the team bought into them, otherwise they were just crazy words on a piece of paper.

Nicola worked in our warehouse, she was one of the main packers and came to work with abounding energy and enthusiasm that was great to see. She was full of ideas on how to do things better, and most of the time, I enjoyed listening to them. More importantly, I enjoyed working in a place where Nicola felt she could offer ideas regardless of her position. She was an important member of the team.

It was Easter 2011, and we had pretty much just started to deliver from the UK.* I would have regular huddles with the team and talk through the values, and one day Nicola spied an opportunity to do something that would hit all of those values at once.*

“Why not send a Cadbury’s Creme Egg with every order?” she asked.

Company values. The creme egg story

I liked it immediately, and so did the others. So I went out and bought as many Creme Eggs as I could fit into my car (for months afterwards I would still find rogue eggs lurking in random corners).

You may have received an order from us with a Creme Egg in. That was because Nicola, one of the fab team who worked in the warehouse at the time had an idea, and we had a company where ideas like that could come to life. We didn’t run it as a promotion, we didn’t expect anything in return, we just did it. Every order for the next few days, regardless of what was purchased was sent with a Creme Egg.

It was Nicola’s idea and it was a great idea.

For us it took us on to the next level with the team in terms of them coming up with ideas that could drive the business forward. It was like the dam wall had been burst and all the ideas started to flood out.

How would your business flourish if your team came up with ideas in line with your core company values on a regular basis?