Why Email Marketing Is Effective if Your Want to Grow Your Ecommerce Site

Every ecommerce owner knows that communication with your customers is vital to building a successful business.
One of the ways you can do this is through e-mail marketing. If you're unsure if it's worth doing or frustrated at your click through rates, let me talk you round!

In this blog I will share some simple ways to use e-mail marketing to build relationship with your customers, and increase your online sales.

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Why do so many people get e-mail marketing wrong?

The world of e-mails is a busy place, how do you write an e-mail which will cut through the noise and get in front of your customers?

Here’s how…

10 years ago, it was easy, you sent an e-mail, your customer opened it – done. But now, your customer gets hundreds of emails everyday. People have got more choosy over which emails they open.

'Companies like Google have made it more difficult for marketers by separating emails out into promotional tabs, which can be easier to just delete.You've really got to do something to stand out and get through that barrier'

First and most important thing...

Know your audience

  • Who is the audience of this e-mail?
  • Be personal, who’s going to open this e-mail?
  • What do they want from you?

Use your analytics and segmenting to get this part right!

If the person who is going to read the e-mail is a 40 something lady, wanting skincare, write to HER, not a general audience.

Ok, so lets separate the two types of e-mail marketing and get into some details.

What’s the difference between an e-blast and an e-mail sequence?

email blast: One off promotional email, blog or offer.

email sequence: To get them to open the e-mail, take them on a journey leading to a sale.

Lets start with the 'email blast'

Email blasts are literally where you send one email to your whole entire database. You write one e-mail and throw it out to 100,000 people and see what happens. It's a scatter gun approach. It's not targeted ( although you can use segmenting, more on that later) it's just literally to send it out there.

I send them on a Tuesday and Saturday, and people do open them. I make them specific and promotional, Usually an offer or promotion which that customer has shown interest in and bought before, or at least something similar.

What about content?

First off, you need to consider what your customers actually want to know - you can send out educational emails, offer emails, update emails.

'Make the content gold, make it interesting, make it informative'.

You want it to be worthwhile.

It's got to be worthwhile for them so make it about the customer, make it fun, make it happy and if you can do that and there's some value to it, it doesn't have to be just about the offers. In fact, you want folks to get used to opening up emails from you generally because Google likes that. So the more customers get used to opening up your emails, the more likely they are to keep opening them.

The only caveat I would add with eblasts -If you’re sending out eblasts, and you’re getting lots of ‘unsubscribers’ or you’re getting very low click through rate then actually by sending them out you will just be annoying people!

So if they're working, you've got a good formula, you've got the personalization, you've thought about the offers and they are genuinely good email, your person is going to want see them, right?

Do send them out, but watch the metrics and make sure you're not just sending them out at random.

I have found, that e-blasts can work well, especially if you segment them.
With one of my companies, I regularly send segmented e-blasts, these tend to be promotional e-mails I make them specific and promotional.

Top Tip

If you are sending out a blog as an e-blast make it a plain text format, that way it will go in the inbox, if it’s got a promotional top, it will go into promotions folder and no one will see it!

Lastly, Find a platfrom to automate when you send them Most of my companies use Mailchimp, but Hookbot, and Drip are all worth investigating.

So lets move to e-mail sequences

I get quite excited about email sequences, they are super cool!
They are really popular in the world of email marketing, companies use them a lot instead of email blasts. I tend to use both.

Email sequences are when you send one email to one person, but send multiple emails over a period of time.

First off - Think what’s triggering the sequence? If you’ve sent out a guide, and they’ve opened it,start there.

People might join your mailing list - send them a note saying thank you, then, put them on a sequence.
Day 1 -Thankyou e-mail
Day 2- Email with extra content, blog or offer.
Day 3 -Something which builds from the day before....
Send up to maybe five or seven emails in a sequence. And that is super, super powerful.

What is their purpose?

You want them to get used to opening your e-mails, by using the sequence you create content which leads onto the next e-mail, so they’re looking forward to when it arrives. When they get used to opening up your e-mails, and they like what they read, THAT’S when you’ve succeeded.

"By leading them on a journey through e-mail sequences you can onboard them, develop and nurture them, THEN they’re ready to buy."

So now we are onto the final stage.....

How to set out these e-mails for maximum affect!

1. Headline - a good headline goes a looong way!

A good headline is like Gold, you have a matter of seconds to grab their attention. If you Google headline formulas, loads will come up. Read a magazine, have a look at headlines, change it to fit what your offer is and just make it super simple, look at the words that your customers use.
One great book which I have shared with my team, is 'Email Marketing Headlines That Make You Rich' by David Garfinkle.
It's literally a book filled with headlines. Read it, and just try them out!
Once you have a headline which will grab their attention.

2. Subject Line

The subject line is critical. Spend some time thinking about it. In some respects it's almost more critical than the email because it's the subject line that determines whether the email is opened

3. Content

What I have learned Is this: All you need to do, (and it's painful if you like writing) is :-

  • Find the words that your customers use.
  • Create short punchy sentences which grab their attention.
  • Find offers which they like.

Put these together and it’s a winning combination!

If you're wondering 'How do I find this information?'

It's pretty simple - call them! Some of my team get on the phone, they ring them and ask what e-mails they like, what offers they open. You can also survey them and ask.

Last tip....

Don’t forget -Double check how it views on mobile platform too.

The majority of your emails are going to be opened on a mobile device so make sure that when you send them people can see it, read it and understand it on a mobile.
I've seen a lot of emails come to me through on my phone, where if I was on a desktop, I would be able to read the text in the image but on my mobile, I'm like I have no idea.

Very, very frustrating so test, check and double check everything you send on a mobile device before you send it out!

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